Welcome To Kayak Friendly

Feb 5, 2024

Time to plan this year’s expeditions

We may not be done with winter but now’s the time to plan some trips Kayak Friendly style.

What is Kayak Friendly?

Kayak Friendly is the way to go kayaking from Vancouver Island and the Salish Sea in comfort and style. Our main goal is to make kayaking on multi-day trips more accessible to those who prefer not to camp. After much research a keen KF team of like-minded paddlers have identified around 100 lodgings in various cabins, houses and B&Bs throughout southern coastal BC for paddlers to enjoy knowing that there will be a roof, beds, showers and a place to eat at the end of their paddling day. Of course this site works for canoeists and long distance stand up paddle boarders too. We’re regularly checking the places that we’ve already posted and adding new ones.

How to use this website

Find an area that you’d like to explore on the map below then click on the kayak friendly places to stay that we’ve flagged for you. The link will take you to an information page designed for paddlers. From there you can contact the lodging directly to make your booking. Some people may choose a route going from one lodging to another. Others may prefer to base at one place for day paddles. Please note that we have researched locations for their kayak friendliness and done our best to provide accurate information. Beyond that you’re on your own. We take no responsibility for what you might experience at the various locations, or the various opinions held by any of our lodging hosts.

Note: We expect kayakers and canoeists to be responsible for their own safety. Trip planners need to be aware of local tides, currents and weather conditions. Some areas may only be suitable for experienced and skilled paddlers. If you don’t know, don’t go.

More information - contact us

We always want to hear from you. This Kayak Friendly website is a free resource and a work in progress. If your property could be included or your information needs updating please contact us - Beth: bethhaysom@shaw.ca or Debbie: director3@siska.ca Paddlers, we need your help. Did you try one of our lodgings or find another great place to stay this summer? If so, please email us short descriptions of your lodging and trip experiences and we’ll post those as short blogs. Our aim over the next couple of years is to have a paddlers review of each of the places in our listings.

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